SET++ Information Systems Development
/ **
* @param any $wish - Wish a Perfect Information System for Business
* @return any
public function SETpp( $wish )

// magic in progress...
return $_gift;
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We are sponsoring event Web development using Wordpress under the auspices of the BEST. We are very pleased to have been selected to be the silver sponsors of this event, which invests in young people. Read more


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About our young IT development company

SET plus plus is a young web development company with big experience. Our main characteristics are our greatest flaws.

Sorry, that you hoped, but SET++ is not a partner of your dreams...

Experience does not come from us, it come from our partner company SET d.o.o. Experience from company SET d.o.o. of about 30 years in management of large firms, and over 10 years of independent existence is transformed throu SET++ to information system whose main objective is to solve practical problems, and accelerate everyday tasks. Most contribution to that is taken from our great aversion to unnecessary work. Therefore, we made every unnecessary operation to the minimum by applying new technology and fresh ideas.

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    Experience in business

    We have business experience where we can envy company in the region.

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    Ideas out of the box

    Ideas that come from all of our employees and all our partners.

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    Our Computer Skilled Team

    The team that symbiosis seat of wisdom and youth energy.

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SIMA Information System

SIMA is an information system for management and business, developed as an internal need of construction company SET d.o.o. The project itself has expanded far more than expected and has grown its expectations. For this reason, we established a new company SET plus plus d.o.o. which has taken over the development of the IS SIMA as well as its further commercialization.

IS SIMA relies on two grounds. One has decades of experience in the business management of private and public companies, while others are contemporary and above all open technologies.

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